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Connecticut political activist's arrest on gubernatorial parade route raising question of what defines journalism

The arrest of a Connecticut political activist and photographer -- who says he was acting as a journalist -- along a gubernatorial inaugural parade route -- raises the question of what constitutes a journalist -- and journalism. Is someone with a history of political activism forever a police suspect as a potential "troublemaker" even when he behaves as a journalist might? ORGINAL LINK

Why does journalism matter? Poynter scholar and ex-managing editor urges newsroom consideration

Butch Ward, a former Philadelphia Inquirer and Baltimore News-American managing editor, is urging America's newsrooms to focus on "why journalism matters." In an essay on the Poynter Institute website, "The Big Switch from Hack to Flack," he recalls attending a recent American Society of Newspaper Editors seminar on challenges to the First Amendment. He says the session caused him to reflect on the meaning of work . . . to a journalist, to a PR person and to his own father, who was a mechanical draftsman. He suggests that discouraged newsroom workers would do well to convene some critical thinking about the value of their work. READ COLUMN

Two bloggers from New England among those admitted to seats in Libby trial courtroom

Two bloggers from New England are among those being admitted to the DC trial of Scooter Libby as part of an experiment involving the Media Bloggers Association and The Associated Press. Robert Cox, founder of the Media Bloggers Association, says Aldon Hynes of Connecticut and Lance Dutson of the Maine Web Report are among those rotating into the two assigned "blogger seats."

Media resource for secondary school teachers and their students

The Radio-Television News Directors Foundation (RTNDF) offers high schools teachers and their students a broad spectrum of media support through their outreach program, The High School Journalism Project. Funded by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, RTNDF’s High School Journalism Project seeks to identify, inspire, train and challenge the next generation of diverse electronic journalists and First Amendment advocates.

Harvard's Shorenstein Center out with study on mandatory school testing and news

A new survey conducted by a Harvard University researcher has found that emphasis on standardized testing in middle- and high schools reduces classroom use of news as a means of civic education. Tom Patterson, a researcher at the Shorenstein Center at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government released survey findings Jan. 16. (News release -- PDF . . . full report PDF. The report is based on a national survey of 1,250 civics, government and social studies teachers in grades 5 through 12.

UNH study documents decline of 25-34 age N.E. population -- worst in nation

The population of young adults (25-34) in all New England states declined much more sharply than the national average from 1990 to 2004, a Jan. 10, 2007 fact sheet from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire shows. During that time period, the population of young adults in New England declined nearly 25 percent, compared to the national average decline of 7 percent.

Minnesota council finds "antics" fairly described mayor's behavior

The Minnesota News Council has upheld the decision of the state's largest daily when it used the word "antics" in a story describing the behavior of a mayor. While the council rejected the mayor's complaint, 11-0 in a Dec. 14 decision, the council also said the mayor withdrew two other counts after the newspaper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, agreed to make certain its reporters contacted him in the future if it was running a story which could be considered disparaging. READ FULL STORY.

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