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From NCMR: Ideas for a media advocacy group for Boston

BOSTON -- About 30 people gathered at the National Conference for Media Reform to consider forming a media-reform group focused on the Boston area. The breakout session was co-convened by Jason Pramas of Open Media Boston and Libby Reinish of FreePress.net. One agreement -- a next meeting will be Saturday, May 21, at 2 p.m. at a location in Boston to be determined. The breakout session was entitled "Building a Media Reform Network in Boston: A Roundtable Discussion." 

 Here are rough notes from the discussion;

Columnist, free-press advocate to lead talk about new roles for libraries, journalists

Posting notice

John NicholsCAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Famed columnist and free-press advocate John Nichols will lead a public discussion about new roles for libraries during a Thursday, April 7 evening symposium at the Cambridge Public Library, beginning at 7 p.m.

The free, public event will wrap up a two-day inquiry, "Beyond Books: News, Literacy and Democracy in America's libraries," involving more 130 librarians, journalists and scholars gathered at the MIT Center for Future Civic Media. (www.biblionews.org )

Besides speaking himself, Nichols will convene a discussion of the best ideas emerging from the MIT-hosted gathering. The evening will include a chance for the public to sit in breakouts with "Beyond Books" participants to add their thoughts.

Newspapers urged to tap "astronomic growth" of mobile, consider charging; AP discloses more on "iCircular" initiative

Art Howe, CEO, Verve Wireless Inc.NATICK, Mass. -- Newspaper publishers need to start focusing on the new way that consumers are accessing news -- mobile devices like their phone or tablet device, says Arthur Howe, CEO of Verve Wireless Inc. and a former Pulitzer-prizing winning journalist.

“It will be very shortly the No. 1 screen for news and advertising,” says Howe. “That’s shocking to some publishers.” It will surpass desktop usage by late 2013 for access to news, analysts predict, according to Howe (pictured, right). Howe spoke today (Oct. 21, 2010) at the New England Newspaper & Press Association's fall conference and awards luncheon at a Natick, Mass. hotel.

Moderating blog comments: Best practices from the Journalism That Matters community

 The following comments were sent to the Journalism That Matters list as the result of a query April 8, 2010 by Bill Densmore, who wrote:  "Can I ask for you please to contribute a little crowdsourced wisdom for to share tomorrow? I'm going to be participating in a one-day event at the Berkman Institute at Harvard Law School on cyberlaw topics. See:  http://www.omln.org/conference/agenda "  The are edited and used by permission.

TWO CASES TO CONSIDER:  The first involving the Cleveland Plain Dealer is elevating once again the challenge of managing anonymous comments:

 ALSO: KY. NEWSPAPER COMMENTER TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS FOR NOWHowever, Madison Circuit Judge Jean Logue adopts multipart test that allows for Web poster to be identified if certain criteria are met.http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/news.aspx?id=22822   

New documentary examines issues for journalism in near-death experience of Connecticut daily, The Bristol Press

A Connecticut-based video production house has completed a 60-minute video which documents the near-death experience of the Bristol Press, an 8,000-circulation Connecticut daily newspaper which was about to be closed by it's chain owner before an independent owner rescued it.  The documentary chronicles the value of a small daily to its community, and the challenge of making money in the newspaper business as advertising migrates to other venues.

Watch, listen, learn from video/audio from NENPA conference on law, social neworking, mobile and research

Listen to and view  highlights of the New England Newspaper & Press Association’s annual convention Feb. 5-6, 2010 in Boston.  New England News Forum director Bill Densmore audio recorded six sessions, all reached from a single URL for streaming or download.  Densmore also moderated a sesson on Non Profit journalism and there’s archived video of session, plus a page which lists the participants and some of the key narrative comments.  

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